Young Lies



When I was nineteen, I fell in love. For the next three years, it felt as though I was living a fairytale with my Prince Charming. We got married. We had a son. We were happier than anyone had any right to be. And then it all fell apart.

A chance encounter in a small town diner began three years of what felt like a fairytale romance. Only fairytale romances don’t end with heartbreak. Five years after walking away from the only man she’d ever love, Samantha Everett is dropped right back into the life she left to keep her son safe.

After losing his family, Matthew Young tried to move on, but was never able to replicate what he had with Samantha. Now a new threat looms and he is forced to break his promise to let them live in peace, and they are brought back together. But after being apart for so long, they quickly begin to realize just how much they’ve changed. Is it too late for their love or is fate bringing them back together?