Out of the Darkness



There are people who live every day of their lives striving for perfection. They have to be better than the person beside them or they die unfulfilled. There are other people who struggle to keep up with the latest definition of perfection and fail miserably. I learned at an early age that I fall into the latter category. It took me years to find my own path in life and I truly believed I’d discovered happiness. I got away from my overbearing family, moved to a new city where nobody knew me, met some great people, and even found the man I planned on spending the rest of my life with.

I thought I had everything under control until one rainy night when it all came crashing down around me.

My name is Alexandra Parker and I’m beginning to discover everything I ever thought I knew about my life is a lie.

Alexandra Parker has spent her entire life trying to escape her family and build an identity that was all her own. For once, she believed she had it all figured out and completely under control. One night and six months changes everything and Alexandra is forced to start from scratch yet again.