“All I wanted was to win the crown…”
Louisa had been competing in beauty pageants for years, she loved the thrill of the competition and would give anything to win the Miss Teen United Kingdom pageant. This was supposed to be her year, she was tipped to walk away with the crown but that was before everything was turned on its head. When Lucas Porter, Louisa’s boyfriend, showed up at the hotel Louisa had no idea what was going on but his revelation was what started the series of events that led to her downfall. She didn’t want to cheat, truth was, she knew that she didn’t need to. Louisa had the tools to win fairly but when Catrina Clearwater, Louisa’s long standing pageant enemy made an appearance things went from bad to worse.
Can Louisa overcome the obstacles in front of her and still walk away with the crown of her dreams?





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