AWeek With My Romanian



“Printesa mea…”
Ella is a twenty two year old submissive who has been sharing an online relationship with a Dominant for a year. She flies out to Bucharest in Romania, the home of her Master, to spend a week in his company as a full time submissive. The events that unfold surprise both parties, neither one suspected the wicked turns of events that occur over the seven days that they have with each other. The foundation of any relationship, especially a BDSM relationship, is trust and communication, yet what happens when the relationship lacks both? Can they possibly continue any kind of relationship when there is no trust? Or can the trust be built so that their relationship is better and stronger?

Meeting for the first time is nerve-wracking but the nerves are quick to vanish. With each passing day the relationship this couple shares grows stronger and deeper. The Dominant and submissive aspect of this couple’s lives is the centre of their relationship, however, as the week progresses and their scenes become more intense in nature, they have to develop in order to survive as one. We meet Master’s friends and Ella is encouraged to openly communicate with them which she struggles to do but little does she know that Master harbours a great secret with these friends, one that could ruin Ella’s relationship with them all forever. Can this duo survive seven days of testing scenes and confessing secrets? Or should this relationship have remained on the World Wide Web?





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