i entered an online competition when i was 15 years old, and i guess i won because i got this poem published in a book of poems from people all over the world. i wrote this poem after someone close to me died: 



I go for a walk and I am reminded of you,
I am standing at the edge of the cliff and you are telling me not to jump.
I sit at the river and you tell me that is your heart, forever flowing.
I'm walking home and you're there beside me, making sure I get there safe.
I start to cross the street--You tell me to stop, to look, to listen and then walk.
From down the street I can hear my parents are yelling.
You whisper that everything will be okay.
And then you're gone.
I whisper to God and ask why he took you away, when I am so young and still only learning,
but no answer came. God portrays that life is eternal, but I just don't believe him now.
I am cold and alone now without you here.
All those familiar places that we went just don't seem all that familiar now.