The popular James Grey is proud to offer an anthology of four steaming short stories written in early 2014. Headline act is Hot Wet Touches (also listed as a stand-alone in the Kindle Store, as is its sequel Hot Wet Touches 2), a tale of stranger sauna sex - though it barely grazes the typical script you might expect. Then comes the no-frills Fucked by the Football Team, in which a young fan gives new meaning to the term 'access all areas'. Next up is the short-but-sweet His Prize, which sees a lowly male labourer rewarded for good service in a matriarchal society. And in One Summer Afternoon, we witness a FFM threesome in which one of the girls cautiously, then recklessly, enjoys her first lesbian experience.

You will enjoy a variety of points of view here: male, female and omniscient. One common theme is an element of surprise, spontaneity or unknown in all of the encounters. Pushing personal limits is the central thread here, hence the title.


Now avaliable in both kindle and newly printed paperback, links below :)