Inspiration for finally putting this site together:

i need to say thank some very important people to me because without them i would never believe my stuff was any good :) 

i owe a lot to a few people,  


Deb & Blake 

deb you are the most amazing person i have ever met and everyday you make me want to be more, you deal with so much and yet you do it with a smile on your face, you keep me grounded when life turns to shit and i know you are there for me always like i am to you. we have been friends for a long time, and nothing is ever going to change that, you guys are family to me and blake is the best person in the world and ill love all you guys forever. 



you listen to all the crap that i throw at you even when i make you mad lol. you are awesome, you make me keep going even when i want to give up, you have believed in me in everything i do which is more than what i get elsewhere sometimes. you gave me the courage to finally make this site and my work reality, thankyou for letting me throw ideas at you and giving me the direction i needed, without you it would all still my in computer files and on paper. 



michael you are a hard one to ignore, you intriegue me to a certain point, we have known each other for almost 7 years and its 7 years i am grateful for. although we are not as close as we used to be knowing that you are there is a great support, 



jason, you truely are an inspirational person, you were one of the first people to see my poetry, and you always had something good to say about them. and my designs, you always tell me how good they are, and someday i might just believe you lol. jason im glad to call you my friend and you deserve a special mention on here, because even if you arent aware you truely have helped me a lot especially in confidence to do something like this.  


Emma & mum:
it wasnt my intention to miss you out originally, the website didnt add a number of people and until you mentioned it i had no idea because it was a part i hadnt checked on. thanks for being who you are and i dont really need to explain here what it means because hopefully you already know.