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My name is Chelsea, i amm 5ft 10" blonde, blue eyes, l0ol im kidding well only about the hair. my hair is always different at the time of writing this my hair is half blue, half red, next week might be different :P

socially akward, but genuine and friendly. what you see is what you get, i dont try to be anyone else. i write poetry, i love photography and graphic design, and i have a cat named aspen

i live in Christchurch, New Zealand, i am 27 years old. I am the yougest of 3 children, i have an older brother and twin sister. i have lived my entire life in christchurch, although i was born in wellington. i was baptised at the age of 4, i attended a catholic primary school, but went to a public high school because i wanted to know the difference between both learning points. it was a good advantage having been able to attend both as it gave very different perspectives in life and the way we should be.

i am not very well travelled but i hope to one day fix that. although i have travelled to many different parts of New Zealand, and had some fun doing it. i have also been to Sydney Australia with a good friend of mine and that also was an experience in itself.

Other than the creative sides, my other interests are sports, reading and music. music is my life, there is never a day that goes by that music isn't involved in some way, i am pretty versatile also to listening preferences although i am not so keen on rap, but i am not against it.  sports i play are indoor netball, and i love it.

i have a full time job as a supervisor in a boys boarding school tuck-shop, i also work as a kitchen hand 3 nights a week in the boarding school kitchen. I also do part time study, am currently sitting a paper in English language and literature.

other than school certificate, i also have qualifications in childcare.

Creative Arts:
i love everything to do with creative arts, i love writing poetry, making designs, i love taking photographs of everyone and everything. people always ask me why i don't take up these hobbies full time and make something out of them, to be honest i just don't know. i have never really seen my work as exceptional, it is ok, i have fun doing it and i don't want the fun to be taken out of it by putting so much pressure on myself. people tell me that this is an excuse, may it be but, i do these things in my spare time, and its what i know,

i started writing when i was 13 it came about after my dog died of cancer, i was never the sort of kid to talk about how i felt because i didn't trust people, so someone suggested i write something for my dog, so i did, and i was told it was good. i didn't think much more of it. but during English class when i was about 14 we had an assignment to do, it was to write a poem off the top of our heads, my English teacher was shocked with what i had written and so detailed and long for only a half hour. for some reason writing came naturally to me and it was something i enjoyed. i wrote for myself i never actually showed anyone my writing until i was about 24. although i did have a poem published when i was 16 in a American poetry book after entering a competition online. that was an awesome feeling. the poem was entitled "lost" and it was written after someone i loved died. poem included into published category or click here

designing images is something that i never really did much of, i dabbled in a little when making background images for a website i helped create for someone, i never actually started making full images until about 6 months ago. and again i don't do it so much for other people but more when i am bored or just feeling like creating something different, being creative for me is a release from normal life. before starting this page only 4 other people besides me had seen my designs, so this all new for me. Click here

i have always been fascinated my photography, being able to capture something living is somehow magical, when i was about 12 i saved up all my money and brought my first digital camera, i took hundreds of pictures of anything and everything, i like to be able to create something magical that i can keep looking back on, people always say a pictures tells a thousand words, i believe this to be true, you can learn so much from a photo and have fun in the process. i have no particular interest when it comes to taking photographs, i just like everything equal, if i believe it to take a good picture then you can be sure that i will snap here





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