James's POV
I feel my guts twisting in a knot. My hands grasp the sides of the sink in a vise grip. My body is trembling like a leaf and I squeeze my eyes shut trying to forget… Forget the thing that I have just unearthed… The horrific forgotten memory buried deep by the mind of an abused ten-year-old boy.
"No… No. NO. NOoo." The fists of my hands smash the mirror above sink. "I fucking killed you… I killed you, you fucking bastard… YOU hear ME?… You're fucking dead…" I slump to my knees, covering my face with the palms of my stinging hands. It smells like iron; I can taste the sticky hot blood running over my face. “You see the blood? It's your blood, you fucking pig… I killed you… I fucking killed you…”

Eva's POV
What do I say? How do I start this conversation? His nightmares surpass mine. How to console him?
"Come, lie down next to me." It's the only thing I can muster.
"I'm sorry you had to witness this…me...at my worst," he says as he climbs in, "It wasn't my intention."
"Don't say sorry. You’re only trying to clear the debris of your past." Yes, that's what this is.
"Only I didn't." He smiles bitterly. "Do you want to tell me about your dream?"

What’s in store for James Knight and Eva Roberts in the last part of the series? Will they have their happily ever after or will they struggle with the reality of life?