James Knight POV.
Just as I'm about to turn the corner in the hallway someone runs into me like a bolt of lightning. A bunch of pages from various documents scatter all over the floor and we both crouch down to pick them up. "Oh crap! I'm so sorry, I didn't expect to see anyone here..." mutters the woman reaching for the same sheet of paper that I’m reaching for. As our hands touch each other, I feel the same energetic charge like the last time we were so close.
She freezes momentarily and then lifts her head to look at my face, her eyes piercing my soul, holding me in place with invisible force. I see her breathing get quicker and her cheeks flush with red. Her eyes widen and her mouth pops open for a moment.
"…It's you…"

Eva Roberts POV.
As quickly as I can, I enter the back exit door of the building, heading straight to the conference room. Nobody is using this hallway and I will be at my desk in moments. Trying to balance my bag and the documents, I run with all my might, knowing I will only be forty minutes late.
My mind is racing, multitasking already and, I don't see anything in front of me when I suddenly slam against someone and everything I have in my hands goes up in the air and then scatters all over the floor.
"Oh crap! I'm so sorry, I didn't expect to see anyone here..."
Without even looking at whom I am apologizing to, I kneel down to quickly pick up my stuff. Whomever I bumped into is trying to help me, coming down with me and collecting the papers. Well, at least he is trying…but accidentally we reach for the same sheet and my hand touches his when I feel the electricity…some sort of vibrations. I pull my hand back from the shock, certain that it's the static from the floor and I look up. And, I see him. Him. My dream. I can't move. It's him. His dark eyes do not let me go and I feel…hypnotized.