Tim (Host Timmmay)



Bio used form Gentlemans forum

Tim has strong faith in Christ Jesus & as well as open-minded within reason.

US Military: A Veteran who proudly served as a Medic in the US Armed Forces active duty Army. While serving our great country and touring overseas, Tim performed within the earnest rank of Sergeant, which is a leadership role in soldiering and management of civilian personnel. While overseas, he endured the hardships and injuries of being in a Combat Zone for a year within the S. Korean De-Militarized Zone (DMZ). Whereas he took on numerous leadership roles as Senior Medic, Medical Air Evacuation & Mass-Casualties Coordinator, Forward & Rear Aid Station Manager while working side-by-side with Physician Assistant & Special Forces Medic. While on active duty, he earned his initial degree (associates). In doing so, he dealt with many hardships and difficult challenges such as combat, maintaining his family life, and soldiering. As a result it took him roughly 7 years (1996-2003) to achieve his degree, though with hard work, he persevered to completion with a 3.0 GPA. Tim successfully held supervisor positions within ER & EMS, patient care & treatment within a 250 bed Army hospital at FT. Riley, Kansas. Tim also successfully directed & managed two primary care outpatient clinics for soldiers, dependents, and retirees within the US Army.

With the paid investment into the GI Bill and hard work, Tim gain his graduates degree in Business and specialized in Health Care Management. In attaining his degree, he graduated within the top 1% honors; Magna Cum Laude, and a year earlier than his graduating class. Due to current and extreme social politics, Tim has decided to postpone higher education; avoiding indebtedness vs’ the devastating US/world poor economy & extreme anti-American social politics which throttles employment schemes.

On a side note, Tim is A proud member of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, Wounded Warriors, and Disabled American Veterans (DAV). All groups sternly advocate for our US Servicemen & women vs’ the current extreme maligned politics.

Since Tim’s enlistment in the US Armed Forces, academia, and full-time work (in & outside the home)…He is a proud and loving single DAD to his amazing and beautiful child.

Father & son relationship was not always the case, however. As an upstanding law-abiding citizen, successful military career, and now in position earned through hard work and perseverance, Tim was once forced out of his child’s life due to no other than the systematic conditions of family court, a vindictive ex-wife, and dealt with abundant misandry that pervades throughout every facet of social politics; falsely accused, slandered, threatened, his military background used against him in court, and his life nearly taken by his estranged wife. Nothing short of a miracle from God by which years after, a father & child re-united when his child was just 4 years old, neglected & abused. Here at GF, we know that Tim is just one father out of hundreds of millions who’ve gone through relative and similar instances of divorce, family courts, misandry, and axillary components of parental alienation – which is child abuse. Enough! This must stop! It will stop if we make it stop! We too, acknowledge and understand good moms and supportive women who’ve experienced the same or fully aware of injustice and abuse of children in appeasement to politics & social justice.